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More About This Website:
The tools on this website were inspired from years of working in the accounting/finance world in a variety of roles, within public accounting and private industry.  Accounting and Finance professionals utilize many tools when performing their jobs, but a spreadsheet remains one of the most relied upon tools used on a daily basis.  There is very little you can’t do when “playing” with data in a spreadsheet.  However, there may be things you can’t do as effectively, easily, cleanly, or efficiently in a spreadsheet as you like.

Often times we need to perform a quick operation on our data but don’t have the time to setup a spreadsheet capable of doing so.  Maybe it would involve using an enormous amount of formulas creating a messy error-prone spreadsheet; maybe it would require complex formulas we don’t have the time to learn, or let’s be honest, don’t want to learn.  Some operations may require building a macro, which can be a daunting task if you don’t have experience doing so.  Maybe your spreadsheet has a built in function that does not give you results in the format you would like.  This list goes on and on.    

Over the years, we have taken note of some common data operations we have used anywhere from “frequently” to “once in a while”, that we feel lack one or more of the following categories (effectively, easily, cleanly, or efficiently completed in a spreadsheet).  This list will undoubtedly evolve over time, but has served as the foundation for this website. 

Having said all of that, DataCrunchOnline isn’t meant to replace your spreadsheet.  It is designed to offer you tools that provide you assistance as you work with data in your spreadsheet. If you find yourself in need of a data operation that a DataCrunchOnline-tool can provide as you work with data in your spreadsheet; simply copy that data into the desired DataCrunchOnline-tool, run the tool, then take your results and paste them back into your spreadsheet and continue on your way.   

More experienced spreadsheet users may already have methods or pre-built spreadsheets or other tools that meets all of their data needs, and that is excellent.  However, the rest of us may need assistance from time to time, and that is where DataCrunchOnline may be able to help.