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Common Uses:
  • Sum Combo
    • Bank Reconciliations: Find those transactions that sum to that last amount you can't quite reconcile.
    • Budgeting: Your boss tells you we need to eliminate X amount from the Annual budget and asks what projects we can eliminate that sum to that amount.  Enter all project-amounts into this tool and see the results.
    • Accounts Receivable:  Find out what combinations of invoices for a customer sum to the customer's check amount you just received, since the customer didn't reference which of the 30 outstanding invoices the check was meant to pay.
  • Data Match
    • Compare two sets of data from different points in time, that have the same columns, to understand what has changed. i.e. Trial Balance Comparison from year 1 to year 2
    • Compare any two sets of data to see which column values match and which column values differ
  • Subtotal
    • Group and/or subtotal a set of data without seeing any "subtotal" row headers.  The data is subtotaled and flat just like the initial data you started with.
    • Group and subtotal Sales by state, by date, etc..
  • Find Duplicates
    • Find values in a dataset that appear more than once.
    • Double check large datasets you know should only have unique values to ensure there aren't any duplicates to remove
  • Reverse Pivot
    • Transform a data table (i.e. sales by "city" and "date") manually created in pivot format where "city" is listed vertically and "date" is listed across the top, into a dataset where both "city" and "date" are listed vertically.
  • FindIt
    • Find where values in one dataset appear in another dataset
    • See if there are values in one data set that appear more than once in another dataset